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New EASA PART-145 Approval

October 1st 2021:
AeLo Maintenance has extended its maintenance organisation certification, from the previous EASA Part-M Subpart-F to the current EASA Part-145.

This extension, which mainly involves commercial operators, will allow us to achieve a high standard of quality and management of internal processes, from which all customers will benefit.

At the same time, our lean and functional structure allows us to maintain the flexibility, responsiveness, and commitment to finding individual solutions, qualities that have distinguished us in these early years of activity, and which remain our primary goal.

The achievement of the Part-145 certification will now allow us to obtain the further certification as “FAA Repair Station”, and to be able to serve independently and more efficiently all operators of "N" registered aircrafts. In this regard, we have already taken the necessary steps and expect to achieve this status in the first half of next year.
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